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If staged family photography isn’t your thing- great! You are in the right place.  

Do you love sunset photography or glow sessions? YES! Me too. 

Are you wanting to capture the true essence of your children and motherhood? 

Well, then stick around and hang out for awhile! 

Now booking pet portraits with your beloved pooches! 


45 minutes “mini” session

25 digital images

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I’m Amanda, the photographer behind the lens. I specialize in authentic and candid family photography in Saratoga Springs, New York. Storytelling is my art, photography is my medium. As a creative, I’ve grown and evolved in my art and have found a special place in my soul for family photography.  Perhaps it was the growth of my family, and realizing how short-lived those rare and special moments are or seeing the joy in another mother’s eyes when she sees her family’s photographs for the first time. Regardless, there’s no bigger gift I could give than the gift of preserving time.  Sit back, relax and stay awhile. And of course, please reach out with any questions!