Cordella Family

-The Cordella Family-

When I first started out as a photographer 14 years ago, I would get a booking and I’d ask them how they found me and if they had a chance to check out my work.  They would say “No I haven’t seen your work but saw your name (here or there) so I reached out.” I would be so disappointed because I wanted clients to hire me because they loved my work and wanted me for my talent.  It took many years but I finally have people coming to me that want me for me and for my specific style of shooting! Because they saw my photos and loved my work.  It is such a great feeling when families of past clients hire me after seeing their photos I have done.  That’s how I met the Cordella Family.  I have shot Nerissa’s brothers family for a couple of years now.  I was so excited to meet her and her beautiful girls for our session together.  They were super fun and easy to work with and I think that resonates in these captured images