The Putney Family

-The Putney family-

Taryn had messaged me this summer wanting to do a family session together.  She had seen a photo I did for a co-worker of hers and said “I need to know who took that!”.  I was so flattered to hear that and we hit it off right away! We had the most perfect night.  The sunset was golden and beautiful, the temperature was finally no longer humid! and they were dressed so beautifully for their session.  I absolutely loved Kellan & Eva.  They were the cutest siblings and not afraid to show the love they have for each other.  I asked Eva if she and her brother got along and she quickly answered “Yes!”. Kellan did not mind twirling his sister or putting his arm around her, it was just the cutest and really made for some memorable photos.  I could of stayed until the last of that sun dipped under the horizon, it was a great night.