The Simpson Family

-The Simpson Family-

This summer I received an email from Cody, she was about a month away from having her baby and was wondering if we could do newborn family photos.  I have been struggling with figuring out my place when it comes to newborn photography and I’ve decided recently that I will no longer be shooting “posed” newborn sessions but instead will be doing more of a lifestyle session when it comes to newborns.  I explained this to Cody as I know some people really love those posey shots of babies wrapped up so cute and their tiny little hands holding their tiny little heads…heck even I love those shots!! But they are not me.  I will leave those photos to the professionals who specialize in newborn photography because that is a talent and skill all on it’s own.  

BUT I do love me some babies so I would never want to not shoot them at all, I just had to find what works for me and fits my style and after this session I realized THIS definitely works for me.  

Cody invited me to her home to meet and see if it would work for our session. She lives in Round Lake in a older style home that has been updated and re done and it was gorgeous!! She lives with her husband Bill and their adorable son, August a/k/a Auggie (looooove that name!). Not only was it super cozy and beautifully decorated it had natural light just pouring into every room!! It would be more then perfect for what we were trying to do!  

A few weeks went by and Cody and her husband Bill had their beautiful baby boy, Archie. They called me up to come on over and document the new family of four.  I was so excited to do this for them.  We kept it pretty casual and relaxed, I really love everything about this session.  It shows the love between this family and their babies in their own home, natural and beautiful as it is in real life. I hope you enjoy this blog! And a huge thank you to the Simpson Family for allowing me into their home to make beautiful memories for them.  I hope to see you guys again soon!