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A family session typically runs about one hour but I include 2 hours in the price of the session because I never want things to feel rushed, this way we have plenty of time for the kids to get to know me and relax a bit and be themselves...instead of me shoving my camera in their face as soon as I meet them just because we're on a time limit! If I have to play ring around the rosy for 45 minutes to get your kids more comfortable then that is just what I will do!

Even though you may hear my camera clicking away during our sessions, we typically end up with about 20-25 photos that make the cut...this is simply because sometimes a shot just didn't work out as planned, or there is movement, eyes closed, etc.  I do my best to make sure I get you the best of the best, which is usually around 15-20 photos that are all yours! No picking from a gallery, you get the best shots from each frame.

I use a photo sharing site called PASS, here, I upload your gallery and send you an invite via your email.  After you receive my email you can view your gallery in its entirety and download each photo one by one right to your computer, hard drive, disc or USB.  You can also share your gallery right to facebook or share it with your friends and family.  You can order high quality professional prints right through PASS as well.  I have a detailed sheet all about PASS that I send to each of my clients upon booking.

A session will be edited and in your email within 4 weeks.

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