When my good friends, The Ayottes, asked me to update their family photos I was super pumped....making photos for friends is always so much fun, but I wanted to change it up a bit.  We did their photos a couple of years ago in the fall and I had been dying to convey a more city/urban vibe in a shoot and when Abby said she was down for anything and added they wanted to get dressed in suits and dresses I knew a city feel was what we needed!

Now don't get me wrong, I love love love shooting in parks, fields, grass etc but it's always good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and challenge yourself...and it was so much fun to see what we could do with the beautiful City of Troy.  Since I didn't grow up around here I had never experienced Troy much, so I wasn't too sure of where to go or even if there was anything that would fit what I had in mind.  So Abby showed me around the morning of our shoot and I was blown away by how beautiful Troy was....the architecture, the historic feel, the detail....it was amazing and I couldn't believe I had never seen it before.  Needless to say I was counting down the hours until our shoot because I was bursting with ideas on how to use this beautiful backdrop for our photos.

We walked down this alley, passed a couple of dumpsters, some broken glass and came across this awesome run down garage door, I knew I had to shoot in front of this door.  I kept telling Abby not to forget this street because we just had to shoot here, the look on her face said she pretty much thought I was crazy and so she just nodded and smiled.  Later on that night when I showed her the photo of the kids in front of this door she then realized why I was so adamant on coming back to that spot!

DSC 0080

DSC 0063bw

I always wanted to do a street shot....and this street was perfect for it...we just had to get this shot done before the light turned green!

DSC 0003

So, if you know Mark and Abby well, you know their adorable love story...and trust me....it's pretty darn adorable...and that is why I love these shots

DSC 0222bw


DSC 9898bw matte


DSC 0297

and if you thought Mark and Abby photographed well...wait until you see their kids....this is Ethan and this kid has stoic down to a science...I don't think I gave him much direction that day...he certainly didn't need it, he oozes suave

DSC 9505bw

Ayottes Ethan

and this beauty is Sam....

DSC 9738

DSC 9645

DSC 9726bw

These two are pretty much the sweetest siblings ever....they get along so well and have so much love for one another...and I think it shows

DSC 9791

DSC 9959