I have known Vinny since we were kids....although back then I didn't think we were kids but we are talking 15 years ago! Now we are all grown up with families of our own and let me tell you...Vinny has got himself one beautful family.  Sara is so sweet and down to earth and his boys, Giovanni and Matthew, well have you seen them?? They melted my heart.  We met up in my hometown...good old Orange County, NY at Thomas Bull Memorial Park.  We started at the Arboretum which is breath taking and so serene.

This is their youngest....Matthew.  Now I don't have a boy but if I did I bet he'd look a little something like this! I just wanted to eat him up....do you blame me?

DSC 6556 blog

DSC 6557 blog

then there's this guy, Giovanni....super adorable and so sweet

DSC 6534 blog

he had eye lashes I'd kill for....why is it boys always have the best eye lashes??

DSC 6780 Blog

DSC 6581 Blog

Fratto story3

DSC 6774 blog

Fratto storyboard3

DSC 6678-blog

DSC 6732 blog

DSC 6653 blog

Fratto VS

DSC 6768 blog

DSC 6811blog

DSC 6797 blog

I had a great time working with the Fratto family...I hope we get to do it again soon!!

DSC 6839Blog