Either I'm the luckiest photographer in the world or someone up there really likes me because I keep getting the most calm, cool and easy going brides ever! Working with Bianca was so much fun, she was up for anything and not even the heavy rain on her wedding day was enough to get her down. 

Bianca and Dave were married at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The event was DJed by none other then the incomprable Vargas Productions

As always we start with the little details....

DSC 3100

DSC 3159

DSC 3161

can you tell I just love ring shots?? last one, I swear :)

DSC 3162

I loved Bianca's shoes!!

DSC 3925

mom helping Bianca into her dress

DSC 3178bw

DSC 3179

B vert

The boys

 DSC 3228

The first look

DSC 3237

DSC 3239bw

I love the bridal party reaction to the first look!

DSC 3235

Bianca and her dad

DSC 3264bw

vertical GALLERY-1

DSC 3371bw

DSC 3384

DSC 3441

DSC 3464

DSC 3472


DSC 3497

DSC 3509

DSC 3512bw

Dave and his lovely parents

DSC 3531

DSC 3553

DSC 3695

DSC 3712

The pre-ceremony celebration!

DSC 3741bw


DSC 3814bw

DSC 3824

DSC 3874

DSC 3911bw

DSC 3960

Bianca must of really loved this song....thanks to AVP second shooter Ray Rodriguez for capturing this one

untitled-6002121 webcopy

DSC 4073-2

Thank you Bianca and Dave!! I had a great time sharing your day with you and your wonderful familes!