I was fortunate enough to meet Abby & Jason through a referral from a photographer I greatly admire....so the pressure was on to impress!! Luckily as soon as we met I knew we were going to hit it off.  Abby is very sweet and kind and Jason is very down to earth and personable...Abby also has two girls who were such hams they made the shoot even more fun!

We met at the beautiful Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga.  There wasn't too much in bloom just yet but it was very green which was a beautiful sight to see after the long winter we had.

DSC 4778

 DSC 4771bw

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These two were so cute and I'm pretty sure Jason was a photographer's assistant at one time because he knew just how to pose!!

DSC 4806bw

Engagement sessions with AVP are very serious....naw I'm just kidding, we always seem to have some good laughs here!

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I just adore Abby's eyes.....

DSC 5174

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aaaaah the ring shot.  The stone was from Jason's mothers ring...very sentimental

DSC 5303

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Now is where the real fun began, these two sisters are not only super adorable but their personalites pack a punch!
Especially the little one! Olivia thought she'd give me a run for my money but little did she know I have two just like her at home!
She can't challenge me!! Nice try Liv!!! Here is the beautiful Lillian and Olivia

DSC 4865

                                                                                                                         They sure do love their mama....

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We thought we might have to pay them to take a nice photo together but I think they did great all on their own........

DSC 4944bw

DSC 4954

DSC 4966

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DSC 5282

DSC 4995

I loved these kids!

DSC 5013

                                                                                           I don't know about you, but that sure is one good looking family

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DSC 5263

Thanks to Abby & Jason for letting me photograph their engagment and those beautiful girls! I can't wait to document your big day this November!! Tell Liv I'm ready for her!