I met Lorenzo's mom waaaaaay back when I was young, single and had just moved upstate.  We worked at the same office for a few years, it's crazy how much has changed since our 9-5 grind....we are both now married with children.  Thanks to the powers of facebook we have reconnected and I was able to meet Little Lorenzo for the first time yesterday and what a delight he was.  Sometimes as a photographer, I see certain things, people, kids and I just HAVE to have them in front of my camera so I was over joyed when I finally got to capture Lorenzo's beautiful face in the studio.

I mean, look at those gorgeous baby blues...can you blame me?

DSC 9776

DSC 9733

This was one of the first photos I snapped, actually it was THE first one and it is my favorite

DSC 9690

DSC 9739

Something about a good black and white makes me all warm and fuzzy inside....

DSC 9729bw

This kid can definitely rock a fedora

DSC 9781

DSC 9718

DSC 9785

We had some friends join us

DSC 9753

DSC 9768

DSC 9691

A couple more from our time together.....

DSC 9789

DSC 9733

I had such a great time with this little guy! Thanks again to Heather and Gianni for allowing me to capture Lorenzo