So I wracked my brain thinking of the perfect 1st blog to kick of my new website...the new me, the new AVP in 2014...and I decided what better way to start then to blog about what inspires me and my creativity and keeps me inspired day after two beautiful girls.  You may hear a lot of mean other photographer people out there,  make fun of photographers who are moms.  They call us "Mom's with cameras" and they think that just because we may have picked up our first camera when our kids were born and fallen in love with this career, and turned it into a business, that that is all we are...moms with cameras, nothing more.  Well I'm here to tell you, we are much, much more then that.

Sure, so I didn't get really into this photography thing until pregnant with my oldest, Emily, who is now 5 1/2.  But so what...does that make me any less of a good photographer? Does that mean I can't follow my dream? I certainly don't think so.  I have always had a love and passion for making photos but being a bit on the shy side I tended to just stick to the safe things in life...well you know what? The safe things gets boring. It wasn't until I was pregnant with Emily that I started to reevaluate my life and my purpose.  I wanted to start doing things that made me feel alive! Things that were going to give me a purpose in life and I never expected what happened next.  After getting my first DSLR and practicing on manual mode I was hooked.  Taking test shots of my daughter filled me with so much joy and excitement I thought I would bust at the seams! I couldn't wait to share every photo with all my friends and family.  Then I decided to practice on others and wouldn't you know? It had the same effect. Again, I was hooked...this is what I was meant to do. So this year, I'm not letting others deter me from MY dreams, MY goals, MY aspirations...because that's just what they one can tell me what I can and cannot do, or should or should not you know what I say to those mean big wig photographers out there trying to stifle my dreams?? It's never going to happen so move on.  And that's my motto this year.  Moving on,  and moving up.
Shooting my girls as much as I can makes me appreciate what I do so much more, because I know how important it is to my clients to have amazing photos of their children to look back on year after year and say..."wow she really captured their personality in these photos"!

Emily used to get annoyed with me and my camera in her face all day but either she's getting used to it or she's grown to appreciate what I do. All I know is she has been so much more cooperative of me and my crazy ideas

She's growing so big everyday that I want to freeze her innocence as much as I do


Then we have Alexa, 2 years old and still not a fan of mommy taking photos of her all the time...I will work on her, I promise



I am a mom. I have a camera.  and I AM a photographer.