I think it's been a couple years now that I have had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family.  I am always excited when Heather calls me for a session because her two little girls are so cute and 
always so fun.  Heather loves photos with that golden sunset look so we waited for the perfect day and just had to figure out the perfect spot!! She told me about this place that I literally have driven by
for years and never knew about!! I mean, I've seen it but didn't think it had much potential for a session...until the day I went exploring to make sure!  It was absolutely perfect, the sun set directly behind gorgeous paths and fileds of tall grass and beautiful flowers and the way the light filtered in was better then I could of imagined.  The only drawback however, were the mosquitos and bugs...
but I'm willing to take a few bites for some good shots!! Heather and I were on the same page when it came to what we wanted to achieve with these photos...definitely some posed family shots
but we really wanted some candids to show this family as they truly are and I'm happy to say I think we accomplished that in these photos!! After our session we headed back to the Hopke's home
to do a quick photo with their pups!!  So without futher ado, I give you the Hopke Family.

Hopke Family 1

Hopke Family 2

Hopke Family 3

Hopke Family 4

Hopke Family 5

Hopke Family 6

Hopke Family 7

Hopke Family 8

Hopke Family 9