Last month I got to document Trish and Mike's maternity photos while also shooting a promotional video for AVP.  It was so much fun. I blogged about it but in case you missed it
here are a few of my favorite shots from our session......

Trish and Mike 1

Trish and Mike 2

Trish and Mike 3

On July 25th Tricia went in for her induction at Albany Med.  She called me around 8am and told me that she was there and settled and to come by when I was ready....being this was
her second baby we all thought she might go a little quicker this time.  I arrived at the hospital by 10am.  Tricia was in good spirits but she was ready for an epidural.  After it was
administered we chatted, got caught up for a little while and then I decided to let her try and get some rest.  About 4pm we got the news that she was ready to start pushing!
She pushed and pushed but Corbin was not coming.  I think we were all a little worried the doctors might mention the C word...hey, relax I'm talking about a C-section ;)  
Things did start to get a little intense.  I could see how exhausted Trish was but she kept fighting like a warrior.  
Just when we though they were going to wheel her away for an emergency cesarian he made his way out and it was the
most incredible sight!! He was finally here!!!! and he was just perfect.  

Trish and Mike 4

Trish and Mike 6

Trish and Mike 8

A week later I was at their house making his first portraits.  The cycle of life is truly an incredible thing.  Being able to be a part of Trish and Mike's journey as new parents to Camden and 
now Corbin has been a complete honor and something I will never forget.  I love you guys so much! Thank you for allowing me to capture your memories!!!

Trish and Mike 9

Trish and Mike 10

Trish and Mike 11

Trish and Mike 12

Trish and Mike 13

Trish and Mike 14

Trish and Mike 19

Trish and Mike 16

Trish and Mike 17

Trish and Mike 18

Trish and Mike 19