When Tricia and Mike told me they were expecting again I couldn't wait to do their maternity session! And this time, include little Camden, who just turned 2!  We planned to meet up the end of June 
at the Rose Garden in Schenectady.  This shoot was going to be a little different though.  I had been wanting to do a promotional video for AVP for quite some time, but hadn't yet pulled the trigger
on hiring someone.  Then I met Josh of A Moment 2 Share at a wedding we were both a part of and we instantly hit it off.  We worked so well together and had such a great time that I knew he was
my guy for this! Not to mention after I saw his work it was a no brainer!  If you're sobbing watching a video for a couple you have never met you know his work is good!! Seriously...check him out. 
I had an idea of what I wanted and I had the perfect family..now I just needed to run the idea by them!  When I told Tricia and Mike my plan, they were more then willing to be a part of it and I
couldn't wait to get this shot!  As we all know, we have had quite the year of rain.   So I had been crossing my fingers and toes that our shoot day was going to be rain free.  But alas luck was
not on my side.  I had gotten there early so Josh and I could shoot my part of our video and it was gorgeous out! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping the light coming in between the
swaying trees was nothing short of dreamy....and then Trish and Mike got there, she looked absolutely stunning!!! the dress! the hair! the flower crown!...and then BAM! torrential downpour!
We raced to our cars and waited it out for what felt like an eternity but was really about 30 minutes.  (But 30 minutes in a trapped car with their toddler....sorry Trish and Mike!!!)  
Then by some grace of God the skies opened and the rain stopped!! We got right to work while we still had the chance and before Camden was completely over it all! I am more than
happy by how this all turned out...in fact I'm elated!  Josh took my vision and made it into reality.  I am so grateful to all who helped make this shoot and video possible!  
Trish and Mike, thank you so much for allowing your beautiful family to be in this video with me!  I hope you all enjoy viewing this session as much as I had shooting it!

Location:Rose Garden, Schenectady, NY

Videographer: A Moment 2 Share

Clients Hair and Makeup: Make Me Fabulous

Flower crown: Frank Gallo

AVP assistant: Danielle Farmer

Trish 1

Trish 2

Trish 3

Trish 4

Trish 5

Trish 6

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Trish 10