Briana messaged me last year about shooting her wedding this September.  Her first words to me were that she'd been most picky about choosing

photographer as she had graduated from Sage of Albany with a BFA in photography and was an art history minor! So needless to say I was pretty

honored she chose me to photograph her very special big day!!

Briana and Tim live in Massachusetts and have a love for the outdoors...they are unique, fun, carfree, loving people...and you can tell all that just by

the people they surround themselves with.  This day was nothing short of magical.  They exchanged vows in the middle of the woods, it was so beautiful

and romantic and very fitting for two peoople so at one with nature.  Their vows were original and so beautiful.  Tim's vows may have had me tearing up

a few times....the man definitely has a way with words.  I hope you enjoy sharing their day with me as much as I enjoyed it...

We start off with a few detail shots of Bri's gorgeous dress....

BriTIm 1

BriTIm 2

Bri did her own makeup and she did way better then I could ever do my own!...her eyes are mezmorizing! 

BriTIm 3

BriTIm 4

I just adored her father...what a great guy...he was all sorts of excited waiting for his baby girl to tap him on the shoulder....


We quickly grabbed a few portraits of Bri before heading to the beautiful is she?!


BriTIm 8

BriTIm 9

BriTIm 10

BriTIm 11

BriTIm 12

BriTIm 13

See....right in the middle of the woods!

BriTIm 14

I wanted to just make portraits of them all day

BriTIm 15

The coolest thing about Bri is when I very timidly asked her if she would be ok with hiking down this little ravine to take a photo she was like "yeah sure!" she didn't even hesitate!!

BriTIm 16

BriTIm 17

BriTIm 18

BriTIm 19

BriTIm 22

BriTIm 20

BriTIm 21

BriTIm 23

BriTIm 24

BriTIm 25

BriTIm 26

It was evident how much Bri & Tim were truly loved by their friends and family by just how many of them spoke a few words on their behalf.....I have to say it was quite touching

BriTIm 27

BriTIm 28

I hope you enjoyed reliving some of Bri & Tim's moments from their wedding this September!!