Two things you might not know about me.......

I'm extremely goal oriented and I have a ton of determination.  When I get something in my head It's most likely going to happen.  It was December  of 2014 and I was thinking about the new year and a few resolutions I wanted to make.  The one and only one I had was to start doing things that scared me.  Get out of my comfort zone and start taking risks.  Another fact about me you might not know is that I have a pretty bad fear of flying.  Not just the typical uneasiness of flying but like, just looking at a plane made me want to vomit.  On New Years Eve at my neighbors house, I ran into Caitlyn who was talking about her upcoming wedding in April and how she still hadn't found a photographer...we talked and chatted about how wouldn't it be cool if I could do their wedding....BUT they were getting married in Georgia (another fun fact: Savannah was on my bucket list of places to visit!) so that was impossible right? I mean, I don't fly! Well I went home and thought about it and decided this was it. This was my moment to do something that scared me...take a risk.  So I emailed Caitlyn and told her if she still wanted me I was in.  In the months leading up to the big day I was a nervous wreck!! But thanks to western medicine and a great bunch of people I had the honor of traveling with,  I made it down without a hitch! And boy, am I glad I went.  Georgia is absolutely beautiufl. Savannah is easily one of my most favorite places and I cannot wait to go back.  I'm extremely proud of this blog and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Caitlyn & Aaron got married on Tybee Island in Georgia

Cait dress

DSC 0956


DSC 1073bw

DSC 1079

DSC 1104

DSC 1101

DSC 1287

DSC 1027


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DSC 1771

Blog Aaron


DSC 2223

Blog Beach

DSC 2318

So this photo caused quite a stir and I loved every bit of it!  People were messaging me asking how I got this shot and was

it before or after the reception and was she ok getting her dress dirty! Well at the risk of killing some of the glamour we actually

shot this the morning after the wedding.  Caitlyn wanted to do a little trash the dress session since she knew she would never wear

her dress yes she was ok with getting her dress dirty!! These are some of my favorite images of them together...

DSC 2323

DSC 2408

DSC 2423

Thank you to Caitlyn and Aaron who so graciously let me be apart of their big day and who changed my life in more ways then one! I'm so happy for you guys!