Hey guys!! I don't usually do blogs like this but I was laying in bed the other night and I was thinking about my upcoming season.  I'm so excited for all my upcoming weddings and family sessions.....and I had so much giddiness thinking of all the beautiful children I will get to photograph this spring and summer and that lead me to think back to just a couple of years ago when I wasn't sure what I wanted to concentrate my photography on.  I have come a long way since then.  It took me a long time to find my niche and I think I've finally got it.  I love love love engagements and weddings! Working with couples that are so in love, happy and excited to start their lives with each other makes me so happy, excited and in love with what I do! I love portraying that love on camera.  In addition to engagements and weddings, I've found my strong suit and passion in children's portraiture.  I had a lot of fun making portraits for some pretty amazing kids last year and I'm really excited to do that again this year.  So I decided to put together a "Best of" blog to honor all my favorite shots and a little background information on each photo...and of course, if you're thinking of getting some new portraits of the kiddos this year, I hope you'll come to me!

This is Avery.  Avery is a delight to photograph because she is always camera ready and as happy as can be.  She is also pretty stunning to boot.  I loved this shot of
her, because it was unexpected and I think that's why it remains one of my favorites.

DSC 5640bw

This little guy is Sam...and he was not having me....but somehow I managed to get him to sit still long enough to capture this gem! I think it was literally 2 seconds!

DSC 4671

This is Sam's brother Josh, he was easy peasy to photograph because he loved being in front of the camera

DSC 4380

aaahh Carson....the aviator!

DSC 0348

Here is Carson again...it was toward the end of our shoot and he was completely over it and over me!...but how can you resist this beautiful fall backdrop?
Luckily I'm like quick draw mcgraw and was able to get this shot before we were done

DSC 0843Carson

If I had a boy I'm certain he would look similar to this handsome fella! Matthew, you are adorable!

DSC 6556bw

When parent's ask me for my advice on how to dress their children for a shoot I'm usually full of ideas! So when Janna asked me if I had any suggestionsfor Harrison I knew he would rock a bow tie and some suspenders like a pro...and as you can see he sure did
DSC 0910Harrison

Now these two are one of my favorite siblings to shoot...Ethan has swagger down to an exact science and can teach a class in it.  Sam is naturally gorgeous
and photographs so beautiful and pure.

DSC 0080

See?? swagger skills

DSC 9505

and the natural beauty...she always leaves me gasping!


perhaps one of my favorite portraits...sometimes it doesn't take much...a good subject and some creamy bokeh

DSC 3547

Mia is so fun to shoot, she is a beautiful red head (which you'll see one photo down) and she has a face that is absolutely stunning.

DSC 2435bw

I got really lucky this day...there was just enough wind to create some movement....

DSC 2304

Little Lorenzo!! I rarely do studio work but when I do I remember how much I love working in a controlled setting...and using lighting the way I want

DSC 9776Lorenzo

Here we shot Kaygen's head shot as she is the JDRF Walk Ambassador for 2014/2015.  Her eyes and outfit inspired this artsy shot

DSC 8229

Here's Kaygen again in what I call my "Lavender field" although I'm pretty sure these are just purple weeds. In any case I'm itching to get some outdoor sunset
shots like this again!

DSC 8324

I know, I know....I said I don't do newborns...and I usually don't! There is a ton of training involved to handle newborns and it requires not only skill but tons of
patience.  I did a couple sessions for some close friends and family that had babies this year and I have to admit...I kind of fell in love with it....this handsome guy
is my great nephew, Bradley

DSC 0110Bradley

Here is Camden at a few days old, I shot him for my good friend Trish and her husband Mike

DSC 9919Camden

And of course I have to end with some of my favorite portraits of my own babies....my Emily is growing up so fast, I'm glad she let's me document these moments
whenever I want

DSC 1844Emmy

This is one of Alexa and I love it, simply because it's her...it's just totally her.

DSC 9538lexi

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at some of my favorite portraits from the past year with me! Keep checking back for new blog posts!