So this was my first time ever documenting a live birth!  Trish and I have been friends for years and when she found out she was pregnant she asked me to shoot the announcement photo.  After that I had thrown out the idea of documenting the birth to which Trish wasn't sure how she felt....and that's understandable as this is not for everyone! It's an extremely intimate time and if you aren't comfortable having someone in the room clicking away it may not be for you.  So when Trish decided it was something she wanted to do I was over the moon.  I started wracking my brain on how to approach something like this.  Then it hit can't prepare for this.  It's something so completely in the moment that it would be impossible to have a plan in place.  So I decided to just be present in the moment...and take it all in and try and document everything as it was happening naturally...there are no staged shots, there was no direction.  Just pure raw emotion.  Being a mom myself and having went through this experience twice before I could appreciate everything she was going through and I shot it the way I would want to remember it....I poured my heart into it and I hope that shows in every single shot.  Trish and Mike now have a timeline of their birthing story that they have for years to come...and maybe someday to share with Camden.

Trish and Mike didn't find out the gender of the baby so it made this experience even more fun and exciting!! Trish's water broke around 11:30am, she texted me and I was in pure panic mode! I had to make sure I had someone to watch my kids before this baby was born and I wasn't sure how quick she would go! I arrived at Albany Med at 3:30pm and had no idea how long it would be! Her family and I waited patiently for hours...and hours...haha finally around 3am Mike came to tell us that she was 9.5 cm.  I rushed in there and 55 minutes later Camden Knox Brown was born!

The beginning stages....

DSC 9542

DSC 9549bw

DSC 9556

Trish's labor intensified pretty quick and she endured a lot of pain...the birthing tub helped to alivate the contractions but it was only temporary

DSC 9563

Mike helps trish fix her hair

DSC 9567bw

DSC 9569

watching your friend in pain is not easy....but I still sat there and shot anyway!

DSC 9579

DSC 9583

DSC 9596

DSC 9599bw

DSC 9601bw

DSC 9602bw

DSC 9615

DSC 9618

mom was right by her side every step of the way

DSC 9631

Listen when you're waiting for over 13 hours for a baby to be born sometimes you gotta play on your phone to kill some time

DSC 9623


DSC 9634

DSC 9636

DSC 9641

This is Joel...anesthesiologist....and Trish's new BFF

DSC 9646

DSC 9651

DSC 9681

DSC 9685

And there he is..the one everyone has been waiting for....Welcome to the world Camden Knox

DSC 9710

DSC 9728

DSC 9731

DSC 9734

DSC 9738

DSC 9743

DSC 9752

DSC 9761

DSC 9766

DSC 9767bw

DSC 9769

DSC 9774

DSC 9780bw

DSC 9785

DSC 9793

I have no doubt these two are going to be the most amazing parents to Camden....I can't thank you enough Trish and Mike, for letting me share in such a special moment.  I will also cherish it forever!!


Albany Medical Center

Albany, NY