I met Heather and Shawn at our bridal meeting.  We met up at Smith's in Cohoes...thanks to Jeff Foley it has become one of my favorite places to eat and enjoy some down time with friends.  You would think meeting a couple for the first time would be a little on the awkward side...they don't know me, I don't know them...and I guess in some instances it could be but it definitely was not the case with Heather and Shawn.  We clicked from the get go.  Our one hour meeting turned into about 3 hours as we enjoyed some drinks, food and some seriously great talk.  We got the wedding biz out of the way and then I think we touched on everything from pets to lost loved ones and the meaning of life! I left them feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness...they just made me smile. It's almost like you're better just knowing them.  I truly believe everyone comes into our lives for a reason and I definitely think Heather and Shawn were brought to me for so many reasons! One of which was to capture their beautiful and romantic wedding day.  No one deserved a perfect wedding day more then these two.  The love they have for each other was evident in the way Shawn just looks at Heather.  I think it's something every girl want's in a man...to be adored and admired.  Shawn definitely has that for Heather...and her for him.  I knew Heather's son Caelan would be a huge part of the wedding day.  He was such an amazing young man and an absolute pleasure to be around.  He just loves his mother and she adores him.  The way Shawn and Caelan have become so close just warmed my heart.  It was really beautiful to be witness to such heartfelt emotion and love.


We started the day at the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road in Albany, NY.  Heather was in her own private room getting ready with her girls. As usual we start with some details and some getting ready photos

DSC 4616

DSC 4662 WEB

DSC 4676

DSC 4690

DSC 4716

Labunski WEB

DSC 4728

Heather and her father had such a great relationship and they definitely shared the same sense of humor...they were hilarious together

DSC 4851

DSC 4855bw


DSC 4881

DSC 4950

DSC 4960

Their beautiful and extremely talented niece played the procession

DSC 5016

DSC 5032bw

The ceremony and reception were held at the lovely Birch Hill in Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

DSC 5078

DSC 5092

DSC 5094bw

DSC 5096

DSC 5098

DSC 5142

IMG 1018

The joining of the hands...when two become three....I don't think there was a dry eye in the house....including me (and it's harder then you'd think to shoot with tears
in your eyes!)

DSC 5156

DSC 5158

DSC 5166 web

DSC 5178

Even though there were a lot of tears, there were an equal amount of laughs as well!

DSC 5189

DSC 5191

DSC 5198

This one kind of did it for me.  She is such an attentive and nurturing mother. Caelan's a lucky kid

DSC 5259mattebk

DSC 5282 web

The bridal party

DSC 5352

The girls

DSC 5381


DSC 5442

The boys

DSC 5463

now to my oh so favorite part...the romantic shots....

DSC 5555

DSC 5572

DSC 5577bw

DSC 5588 Web

This photo just sent me over the edge..as a photographer my goal is to capture that one photo that just stops you in your tracks...this one did it for me

DSC 5635

DSC 5649

DSC 5759 web

DSC 5802bw

DSC 5904

DSC 5913

DSC 5914

DSC 5938

DSC 5956 web

I was floored by Heather's natural beauty....she is stunning in every sense of the word.  You add that with a kick ass down to earth personality, well, you have the perfect girl

PTM Storyboard 2 Up

Ohhhh mmaaaaaa gaaaaaa

DSC 6045

DSC 6070

DSC 6094

DSC 6112

Heather and Shawn definitely added so much of their personalities and style to every inch of the reception, it was just beautiful and so unique

DSC 6128

Labunski web2

DSC 6144

DSC 6145

DSC 6149

DSC 6246

DSC 6250bw

DSC 6263bw

DSC 6271bw

DSC 6287bw

DSC 6316bw

DSC 6345

DSC 6412

DSC 6421

DSC 6428

DSC 6486

DSC 6557

DSC 6625

DSC 6708

DSC 6727

DSC 6964

DSC 7006

DSC 7103bw

Thank you Heather, Shawn and Caelan for allowing AVP to capture your beautiful wedding and thank you for the friendship we formed while doing it!! Hope to see you guys at Smith's for some more apps and good conversation!

And a big thank you to Chelsea Bos Photography for second shooting!! It's always a fun time when I have this girl by my side  (A little BTS action for ya'll)