The Pallozzi Family was one of my last family sessions this fall.  We lucked out and got an extremley mild day with a gorgeous fall sunset!

It was the perfect time to shoot because the folliage was in full swing and the colors were amazing.  Their son Dylan was so handsome and fun to shoot.....Samantha and Mike showed up looking fabulous so in addition to some family shots I needed to give mom and dad their own little session, I mean...look at them!

DSC 1461 copy

see that golden color in the background...yah that kind of lighting makes me weak in the knees.  Sam and Mike aren't too shabby either!

DSC 1547

DSC 1490bw

and there's Dylan....I loved chatting with him about school, sports and science. 

DSC 1414

and I'll say it again.  Totally unfair the amount of gorgeous eye lashes boys posess!

DSC 1421

DSC 1447 matte

DSC 1565

we moved on to location #2 and the light just kept getting more dreamy...I must of stopped them about 10 different times to take some romantic shots ;)

DSC 1741bw

DSC 1676

DSC 1795bw

DSC 1798

DSC 1816

DSC 1882bw

DSC 1926

DSC 1935

DSC 1984

DSC 2008

DSC 2097

yup. my infamous bridge shot strikes again.

DSC 2141

DSC 2118