I met Erika & Chris last year when we had our bridal meeting, they were so cute and in love and two very down to earth people that I knew we would have a great time on their special day! The day of their wedding it was cloudy and very rainy...but we still had a blast in spite of the weather.  We started at Rumors Salon in Latham.  Oh I just loved Rumors!! It was so pink, bright and girly!! Erika was so calm and so at ease the entire day....

Of course as always, we start with some little details....

DSC 0176

DSC 0193

The gorgeous rings...

DSC 0205

DSC 0239

Erika has THE best hair...

DSC 0283

It's never too early to pop open some bubbly...

DSC 0321

DSC 0328bw

DSC 0351bw

DSC 0366

The facebook teaser...sigh...this is perhaps one of my most favorite bridal portraits...Erika has such a natural striking beauty that is super intense on camera....

DSC 0411

When it rains on your wedding day, expect the royal treatment ;)

DSC 0427

DSC 0428bw

One last look before the walk down the aisle....

DSC 0445

DSC 0557 copy

Finally married!!

DSC 0612bw

The rain held off just long enough for us to sneak in a few portraits...

DSC 0636

DSC 0691bw

DSC 0700

DSC 0709

DSC 0722

The boys...

DSC 0771

The girls....

DSC 0776

DSC 0790bw

The bridal party....

DSC 0817

DSC 1048bw

DSC 1192bw

Erika's grandmother definitely had some moves on the dance floor!

DSC 1195

DSC 1236bw

Who says groomsmen can't have a dance together??

DSC 1261

Sisterly fun....

DSC 1353

Thank you Erika & Chris for letting me share in such an amazing day!!