I know, I know, It's been a long time since I last blogged.  I've been either out shooting or inside editing this summer and now fall but I'm enjoying every second of this beautiful crazy life I've been blessed with! I had the pleasure of documenting Christina and Nick's big day this August at The Appel Inn in Altamont, NY. 

DSC 5469

DSC 5725

DSC 5734

Christina Doorway

DSC 5658

DSC 5429

DSC 5448

Christina window

DSC 5588

DSC 5561

DSC 5836

DSC 5844

DSC 5804

Sometimes you get some unexpected guests.....

DSC 5956

DSC 5959

DSC 6009bw

DSC 6016

DSC 6025

DSC 6031

DSC 6035

This shot pulled at my heart strings quite a bit....I too have a grandfather who is almost 94...I was so happy to have captured this moment

DSC 6045bw

DSC 6105

DSC 6110bw

DSC 6162

DSC 6226

DSC 6244

DSC 6291

DSC 6330 matte

DSC 6341 matte

DSC 6418 matte

DSC 6465

DSC 6502

DSC 6575

DSC 6594

DSC 6602

DSC 6609

DSC 6638

DSC 6693


DSC 6730bw

DSC 6735bw

DSC 6761bw

First dance

DSC 6769bw

DSC 6965

DSC 7098

DSC 7206

DSC 7245bw

DSC 7465

Thanks Christina & Nick for allowing me to capture your special day!! And a big thank you to the wonderful staff at the Appel Inn!