Man, It feels like ages since I last blogged a session! I have had an incredible and very busy summer meeting some wonderful new clients.  One of my favorite sessions this summer was Jannine and Kristen's engagement shoot.  I met Jannine when I was a kid....we lived one block away from each other and her brother happens to be my best friend and one of my longest and dearest friends today.  Jannine was like the big sister I never had and I'd like to think I was maybe like the little sister she never had...and never wanted...ha!   I was super excited when I heard she and Kristen were engaged and even more excited when they asked me to photograph their engagment and wedding!!

Jannine and Kristen are getting married next June on Lake George, NY so we thought it would be fitting to shoot their engagement there as well.  We shot at The Boathouse and we had a gorgeous afternoon to work with. Soccer is a huge part of both Jannine and Kristen's life and they happen to play for the Orange County Soccer League (where they met!) so we knew we had to incorporate that into their shoot.

DSC 4829

DSC 4846

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Now, if you know Jannine and Kristen well, then you know humor is also a big part of their personalities and to me, it's what makes them so special and so much fun to be fact you'll often find them laughing a lot with eachother and their happiness is can't help but smile when you're around them.  So this blog wouldn't be complete without a couple funny outtakes!

DSC 5104

DSC 5005

DSC 4885

DSC 499511