I met Lorenzo's mom waaaaaay back when I was young, single and had just moved upstate.  We worked at the same office for a few years, it's crazy how much has changed since our 9-5 grind....we are both now married with children.  Thanks to the powers of facebook we have reconnected and I was able to meet Little Lorenzo for the first time yesterday and what a delight he was.  Sometimes as a photographer, I see certain things, people, kids and I just HAVE to have them in front of my camera so I was over joyed when I finally got to capture Lorenzo's beautiful face in the studio.

I mean, look at those gorgeous baby blues...can you blame me?

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When I first met Brittany and Danny for their engagement shoot,  I knew we would hit it off.  I drove up to where they were meeting for our shoot and Danny got out of his car and came around to my door and introduced himself and shook my hand.  That was the most recognition I had gotten from a groom to be ever!  I thought it was so sweet and showed a lot about the kind person Danny is.  Then I met Brittany, who was not only breathtakingly gorgeous but I don't think I've ever seen her without that beautiful smile.  She just oozes happiness which just made my job a piece of cake.

The day of their wedding was finally here and I don't think I've ever seen two people more in love and more ready to get married to one another.  The day was perfect.  Sunny, warm and calm....and the mood of the whole day matched the weather.

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So I wracked my brain thinking of the perfect 1st blog to kick of my new website...the new me, the new AVP in 2014...and I decided what better way to start then to blog about what inspires me and my creativity and keeps me inspired day after day...my two beautiful girls.  You may hear a lot of mean other photographer people out there,  make fun of photographers who are moms.  They call us "Mom's with cameras" and they think that just because we may have picked up our first camera when our kids were born and fallen in love with this career, and turned it into a business, that that is all we are...moms with cameras, nothing more.  Well I'm here to tell you, we are much, much more then that.

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