When my good friends, The Ayottes, asked me to update their family photos I was super pumped....making photos for friends is always so much fun, but I wanted to change it up a bit.  We did their photos a couple of years ago in the fall and I had been dying to convey a more city/urban vibe in a shoot and when Abby said she was down for anything and added they wanted to get dressed in suits and dresses I knew a city feel was what we needed!

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I have known Vinny since we were kids....although back then I didn't think we were kids but we are talking 15 years ago! Now we are all grown up with families of our own and let me tell you...Vinny has got himself one beautful family.  Sara is so sweet and down to earth and his boys, Giovanni and Matthew, well have you seen them?? They melted my heart.  We met up in my hometown...good old Orange County, NY at Thomas Bull Memorial Park.  We started at the Arboretum which is breath taking and so serene.

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I met Sarah, Justin and their kids Tyler and Avery a couple of years ago.  Sarah is related to one of my good friends and the minute I saw them and those kids I was like, I gotta get them in front of my camera!! And last week, I finally had the pleasure to capture some memories for this awesome family.

We shot at Peebles Island in Waterford, NY....Peebles has continued to be a favorite spot of mine, not only is it a stones throw away from my home but I keep finding new spots within the park that are perfect for photos!

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Either I'm the luckiest photographer in the world or someone up there really likes me because I keep getting the most calm, cool and easy going brides ever! Working with Bianca was so much fun, she was up for anything and not even the heavy rain on her wedding day was enough to get her down. 

Bianca and Dave were married at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The event was DJed by none other then the incomprable Vargas Productions

As always we start with the little details....

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I was fortunate enough to meet Abby & Jason through a referral from a photographer I greatly admire....so the pressure was on to impress!! Luckily as soon as we met I knew we were going to hit it off.  Abby is very sweet and kind and Jason is very down to earth and personable...Abby also has two girls who were such hams they made the shoot even more fun!

We met at the beautiful Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga.  There wasn't too much in bloom just yet but it was very green which was a beautiful sight to see after the long winter we had.

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Vicki was an AVP gift cetificate winner through the Operation Smiles fundraiser...I was very proud to be a part of such a great cause and even happier it gave me a chance to meet Vicki and her lovely little girl Vivian.  They were both a delight to shoot on a very dreary Saturday afternoon.  We had been tracking the weather all week and we got lucky as it stopped raining just as we were starting and then it started back up right when we were finished!!

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I was so excited to shoot Dana & Morgan's wedding for a few reasons....they were such a sweet and down to earth couple that I knew spending their day with them would be a blast and the love they clearly have for each other was as obvious as it was touching...as a hopless romantic, I love shooting weddings, I get to document the love between two people and reflect that in my photos...who wouldn't love this job?! but when you have a couple like Dana and Morgan, whose love shines through so purely....whether it's a glance between the two, a touch, or the way they look at each other like no one else is in the room you can just see how much love they have for one another and it is so refreshing to be around. 

We start with a few of the detail shots......Dana's dress was one of the prettiest dresses I've seen, she looked absolutely angelic

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I was invited over to the lovely Laura Tarlo's home from Laura Leigh Designs, if you haven't checked out her blog The Unique Nest  you need to.  Her home is blend of bungalow craftsman meets farmhouse.  She is very talented in every aspect of interior home design.  We shot at her beautful home in Cohoes, NY and she designed every inch of that place from the ground up...literally...the entire floor plan was all her and her vision.  No space of her home has been over looked, it's filled with intricate details, patterns and organization that makes my heart pitter patter.  She has an innate knack for design so if you have a room, a space, a place that needs a little sprucing up and you are left baffled and overwhelmed, give Laura a call and she will take care of everything!

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With Bianca and Dave's big day fast approaching (May 16th), we decided to take advantage of the first real spring like day yesterday.  It was a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny down at Orange County Park and we had an absolute blast! Bianca and Dave are so fun and down to earth that it made my job a breeze....plus they look  absolutely amazing in front of the camera...don't beleive me? check 'em out!

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