I had the pleasure of shooting the King family right in their backyard in Averill Park...they have two adorable little girls that I had a blast chasing around! Grace's sister and husband were in from Austraila so they joined in the shoot as well as both their moms!  We had a gorgeous day and they seriously had the perfect backyard to shoot in because the light coming in behind the trees was the perfect backdrop! Take a look and see!

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Oh boy...where to begin with this one.  It's fall 2015 and I'm in New York City at a bar called Le Cheile in Washington Heights, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lauren and Danny.  My assistant and I 
had the most amazing lunch at this place, it was incredible...so if ever you find yourself down that way I highly reccomend it!  Soon Lauren and Danny are here.  We get acquainted for
a few minutes and then decide to take off to our first location for their Engagement session.  We start at the place where Danny proposed...right near the George Washington Bridge, then we head over to
Tryon Park which is New York City's best kept secret, because to me it blows away Central Park.  It was  way more low key and just all around zen like..not to mention the scenery was breath taking.
We had the most fantastic session, we talked the entire time, we laughed, we completely bonded.  By the time our engagement session was over I don't think any of us wanted to say good bye just
yet so we decided to have some drinks at this margarita bar called Refried Beans!  Now, at the point I had never had a margarita...(it's ok, you can laugh! I think they did too!) I have never been a big drinker so I stuck to 
the few drinks I knew I liked at that was it.  Well not only did I have my first margarita but I was hooked! Thanks to Lauren and Danny, they are now my drink of choice and I can't ever seem to have
one without thinking of them and the great time we had in NYC.
Fast forward to 8 months later....Lauren and Danny had their wedding at the Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake which is hands down one of my most favorite venues.  Not only is the place gorgeous
and the food fantastic but the staff is the friendliest most fun bunch to work with!  I started the day with Lauren and her bridesmaids which included one of her sisters and two of her closest friends.
You could tell these ladies had such a love for one another and have known each other for ever because the bond between them all was unlike any I've ever seen.  I watched from behind the scenes as
they shared inside jokes, laughed uncontrollably and also got emotional when it was time to see Lauren in her dress.  Lauren and Danny had the most perfect day with everything from the weather to the
amazing wedding party they chose to be by their sides, to their wonderful family and guests.  This wedding was so much fun to shoot because they made everything so easy...Lauren and Danny are
two of the most genuine people I've ever met and let me tell you, these two know how to have fun...they don't take themselves too seriously (which I'm sure you will see from their photos)! I hope you're
sitting down because this is a long one but I'm so proud of this wedding and I could not wait to share it with all of you.  

So many wonderfully talented people helped make Lauren and Danny's Day a beautiful one

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I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family this past weekend.  I was sure it was going to rain but by mid week things were looking up and so were the temps!! I couldn't be happier
because I got to meet this handsome little guy, Liam.  He is turning one and cute as a button.  I don't think he made a peep the entire shoot and he even went to me a couple of times
which totally melted my heart!  We had a lot of fun shooting this and I hope you enjoy the photos!  

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Briana messaged me last year about shooting her wedding this September.  Her first words to me were that she'd been most picky about choosing

photographer as she had graduated from Sage of Albany with a BFA in photography and was an art history minor! So needless to say I was pretty

honored she chose me to photograph her very special big day!!

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Hey guys!! I don't usually do blogs like this but I was laying in bed the other night and I was thinking about my upcoming season.  I'm so excited for all my upcoming weddings and family sessions.....and I had so much giddiness thinking of all the beautiful children I will get to photograph this spring and summer and that lead me to think back to just a couple of years ago when I wasn't sure what I wanted to concentrate my photography on.  I have come a long way since then.  It took me a long time to find my niche and I think I've finally got it.  I love love love engagements and weddings! Working with couples that are so in love, happy and excited to start their lives with each other makes me so happy, excited and in love with what I do! I love portraying that love on camera.  In addition to engagements and weddings, I've found my strong suit and passion in children's portraiture.  I had a lot of fun making portraits for some pretty amazing kids last year and I'm really excited to do that again this year.  So I decided to put together a "Best of" blog to honor all my favorite shots and a little background information on each photo...and of course, if you're thinking of getting some new portraits of the kiddos this year, I hope you'll come to me!

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