Better late than never right?!!  This past November I had the honor of photographing Katie and Rip's Wedding.  This one was truly special as I met both Katie and Rip when they moved in right 
next door to me the summer before.  Katie and I clicked from the very beginning and we became fast friends.  We both have dogs that we consider our babies and her pups became two
more loves of my life!  We have been able to really get to know each other living so close so when Katie and Rip asked me to document their wedding day I was beyond thrilled!!
I couldn't wait to capture the love between these two.  We started the day down the street from our house at Katie's moms.  She has a gorgeous home on the river here in Waterford
and it made for a fantastic backdrop for our getting ready photos!  Katie of course looked stunning as she got ready that morning and was so relaxed and calm.  
We met up at Bush Memorial in Troy to document their first look and it went off seemingly! It was such a great moment between Katie and Rip and I caught myself tearing up while in
the middle of shooting (the only drawback to being a hopeless romantic AND photographing special moments of people I love so dearly!)  I quickly got it together so we could jump into
their portraits and then bring in the wedding party.  What a blast they all were!  We had a lot of people and a lot of family and everyone was so cooperative and so fun that before I knew
it, it was time to head over to the church.  Katie and Rip's ceremony was at St. Mary's in Waterford, NY.  The ceremony was so beautiful and I was so thrilled to be a part of it.  Afterwards it
was time for the reception at the Canfield Casino up in Saratoga, NY.  We had a great time capturing all the fun moments on the dance floor but my favorite was the night portraits we
took of Katie and Rip inside the Canfield Casino!  It was an incredible day from start to finish! 

Dress: Jocelynns Bridal
Hair: Jessica Lee
Makeup: Cassandra McKenna
Flowers: Felthousens Florist
Venue: Canfield Casino
ake: Mazzones
Dj: Vinny from Nonstop Music

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When Tricia and Mike told me they were expecting again I couldn't wait to do their maternity session! And this time, include little Camden, who just turned 2!  We planned to meet up the end of June 
at the Rose Garden in Schenectady.  This shoot was going to be a little different though.  I had been wanting to do a promotional video for AVP for quite some time, but hadn't yet pulled the trigger
on hiring someone.  Then I met Josh of A Moment 2 Share at a wedding we were both a part of and we instantly hit it off.  We worked so well together and had such a great time that I knew he was
my guy for this! Not to mention after I saw his work it was a no brainer!  If you're sobbing watching a video for a couple you have never met you know his work is good!! Seriously...check him out. 
I had an idea of what I wanted and I had the perfect I just needed to run the idea by them!  When I told Tricia and Mike my plan, they were more then willing to be a part of it and I
couldn't wait to get this shot!  As we all know, we have had quite the year of rain.   So I had been crossing my fingers and toes that our shoot day was going to be rain free.  But alas luck was
not on my side.  I had gotten there early so Josh and I could shoot my part of our video and it was gorgeous out! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping the light coming in between the
swaying trees was nothing short of dreamy....and then Trish and Mike got there, she looked absolutely stunning!!! the dress! the hair! the flower crown!...and then BAM! torrential downpour!
We raced to our cars and waited it out for what felt like an eternity but was really about 30 minutes.  (But 30 minutes in a trapped car with their toddler....sorry Trish and Mike!!!)  
Then by some grace of God the skies opened and the rain stopped!! We got right to work while we still had the chance and before Camden was completely over it all! I am more than
happy by how this all turned fact I'm elated!  Josh took my vision and made it into reality.  I am so grateful to all who helped make this shoot and video possible!  
Trish and Mike, thank you so much for allowing your beautiful family to be in this video with me!  I hope you all enjoy viewing this session as much as I had shooting it!

Location:Rose Garden, Schenectady, NY

Videographer: A Moment 2 Share

Clients Hair and Makeup: Make Me Fabulous

Flower crown: Frank Gallo

AVP assistant: Danielle Farmer

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I have been dying to share with you all a shoot I did this past fall.  Fran is a good friend of mine and it's obvious she is beautiful on the outside but she is also beautiful
inside, she is an amzing woman and a great friend.  I really wanted to do a shoot with her so we decided to finally collaborate and take some shots at the studio.  
This was just for fun but I have to say I was pretty excited at the end results! Hope to do more of these in the future!
There is nothing better then making an already strong beautiful woman FEEL what we all see.

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I met Maria and Tom last year in Troy at their engagement session.  They were the absolute cutest! So happy and in love and so eager to start a life together.  
We met again almost a year later the day of their wedding and not much had changed!  While Maria and her girls were busy getting ready I headed upstairs
to check on Tom and the guys.  He was so nervous but so ready to get to that alter.
We had so much fun watching Maria interact with her girls while getting primped and pampered by some very talented professionals.  
Everyone was so excited for things to get going and beforewe knew it, it was time to do the first look!  The entire day was perfect, the weather
was gorgeous and so was the ceremony.  The reception got underway and everyone let loose and busted out
some pretty sweet dance moves!! Thank you to Tom and Maria for allowing me to capture their day!

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Justin and Kayla's wedding was such a fun time!  Justin is actually one of my nephew's longtime friends...they've known each other since they
were little and have grown up together, so I was honored that Justin and Kayla chose me to capture their day.  We started the day with Kayla
getting ready with her girls.  You could tell these girls have also had some long time friendships because they were so happy and emotional to
see their BFF getting married to the love of her life. (Just check out their first look of Kayla in her dress!) It was so nice to see such a tight group of friends.  
I headed over to SPAC to do the first look then it was off to the ceremony.  As you can tell from the photos, the receoption was so much fun, lots of laughing
and dancing and the groomsmen, well they were a crazy bunch!!! :)  The day was filled with so much love.  Justin and Kayla I had an incredible time shooting 
your wedding and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share in such a memorable day!

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Oh where to begin with this one! This engagement session was definitely one of my absolute favorites. I met Erica and Jordan last October at our bridal meeting and we instantly hit it off.  They are both
so down to earth, friendly, intellegent and extremely hard workers.  Jordan is a chef and Erica is an art teacher.  When we discussed ideas for their engagement session Erica 
definitely knew what she wanted.  

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I had the pleasure of shooting the King family right in their backyard in Averill Park...they have two adorable little girls that I had a blast chasing around! Grace's sister and husband were in from Austraila so they joined in the shoot as well as both their moms!  We had a gorgeous day and they seriously had the perfect backyard to shoot in because the light coming in behind the trees was the perfect backdrop! Take a look and see!

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Oh boy...where to begin with this one.  It's fall 2015 and I'm in New York City at a bar called Le Cheile in Washington Heights, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lauren and Danny.  My assistant and I 
had the most amazing lunch at this place, it was if ever you find yourself down that way I highly reccomend it!  Soon Lauren and Danny are here.  We get acquainted for
a few minutes and then decide to take off to our first location for their Engagement session.  We start at the place where Danny proposed...right near the George Washington Bridge, then we head over to
Tryon Park which is New York City's best kept secret, because to me it blows away Central Park.  It was  way more low key and just all around zen like..not to mention the scenery was breath taking.
We had the most fantastic session, we talked the entire time, we laughed, we completely bonded.  By the time our engagement session was over I don't think any of us wanted to say good bye just
yet so we decided to have some drinks at this margarita bar called Refried Beans!  Now, at the point I had never had a margarita...(it's ok, you can laugh! I think they did too!) I have never been a big drinker so I stuck to 
the few drinks I knew I liked at that was it.  Well not only did I have my first margarita but I was hooked! Thanks to Lauren and Danny, they are now my drink of choice and I can't ever seem to have
one without thinking of them and the great time we had in NYC.
Fast forward to 8 months later....Lauren and Danny had their wedding at the Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake which is hands down one of my most favorite venues.  Not only is the place gorgeous
and the food fantastic but the staff is the friendliest most fun bunch to work with!  I started the day with Lauren and her bridesmaids which included one of her sisters and two of her closest friends.
You could tell these ladies had such a love for one another and have known each other for ever because the bond between them all was unlike any I've ever seen.  I watched from behind the scenes as
they shared inside jokes, laughed uncontrollably and also got emotional when it was time to see Lauren in her dress.  Lauren and Danny had the most perfect day with everything from the weather to the
amazing wedding party they chose to be by their sides, to their wonderful family and guests.  This wedding was so much fun to shoot because they made everything so easy...Lauren and Danny are
two of the most genuine people I've ever met and let me tell you, these two know how to have fun...they don't take themselves too seriously (which I'm sure you will see from their photos)! I hope you're
sitting down because this is a long one but I'm so proud of this wedding and I could not wait to share it with all of you.  

So many wonderfully talented people helped make Lauren and Danny's Day a beautiful one

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